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15 April, 2013

C# - Difference between Convert.tostring and .tostring() method Example


In this article I will explain differences between .tostring() and Convert.tostring() in asp.net.


In previous post I explained difference between web application and website, difference between datareader, dataadapter and dataset, difference between tinyint,smallint,int,bigint and many articles relating to asp.net, SQL Server. Now I will explain differences between .tostring() and Convert.tostring() in asp.net.

The basic difference between them is “Convert.ToString(variable)” handles NULL values even if variable value become null but “variable.ToString()” will not handle NULL values it will throw a NULL reference exception error. So as a good coding practice using “convert” is always safe.


//Returns a null reference exception for str.
string str;
object i = null;
str = i.ToString();

//Returns an empty string for str and does not throw an exception. If you dont
string str;
object i = null;
str = Convert.ToString(i);
I hope it helps.
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